T-Report Web

Call center management Web application developed in ASP, JavaScript, VBScript and database in MS SQL Server. Features: Call log, billing and service complaints management, CCM connection info, reports online, CRM interconnection, forum, search engine, notes, change password, administrative module. I won the BellSouth Latin America President's Club Award, for the development of this Web application and its contribution to improve the performance and decision making in the call center. Trip to Cancun-Mexico to a meeting with the President of BellSouth LATAM and other winners from Latin America.
Screens: Log in, Change Password and HomeScreens: Home (Connection - CCM Call Center Manager), Notes, Reports Online and Register New Incoming CallScreens: Register  Billing and Service Complaints CRM interconnection Search EngineForum administrative module 1administrative module 2xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPresidents Club Award 1Presidents Club Award 2