I'm Mauro Barra (He/Him/His), a person of this World with a diverse background, born in Venezuela, a country of immense natural beauty, delightful mixed-race people. I am the son of two Italians who crossed the ocean at a very young age to migrate to Venezuela with the conviction of a better future. Now they love to eat "arepas" and dance salsa and merengue. Since 2012, I have lived proudly in Quebec, Canada, the country of respect and diversity, known for its hockey, maple syrup, summer festivals and events, the second-largest French-speaking community in the World, cold winters but warm people.

Macintosh 512K
With studies in Computer Science and Marketing, I consider myself an avowed lifelong learner with proven learning agility, and a creative, innovative and curious person. I am proud to have witnessed all the great changes that technology has experienced: the first mass-market personal computer, the Macintosh 512K, the evolution of Internet connections, from dial-up to broadband, and of mobile networks, from CDMA to GSM, UMTS, and LTE, the first social networks early in the 2000s, with Hi5, MySpace, LinkedIn and Facebook, the advent of smartphones, and most recently, the revolution of the IoT, artificial intelligence, augmented reality and big data, to name a few.  

A short glimpse into my professional life as Marketer

Early in 2007, I started creating and delivering highly effective multi-channel Marketing campaigns as a revenue/profit driver at Telefonica, a multinational telecommunications company operating in Europe and the Americas, considered one of the largest telephone operators and mobile network providers in the world (Learn more about Telefonica).  I have supported the growth and expansion of company products and services, driving customer acquisition, sales and revenue, and increase loyalty and retention, accumulating so far more than six years of proven experience in positioning and launching differentiated products, including market research, competitive analysis, business case and sales forecasts, product segmentation, marketing plan, retention strategies, marketing and sales tools development, and budget management. In 2010, I won two (2) ANDA Awards for a positioning campaign of Business Telephony and a marketing campaign about the FIFA World Cup in South Africa. The ANDA is the most prestigious award given by the National Association of advertisers of Venezuela. My career at Telefonica allowed me to accumulate 15 years of experience in the telecommunication industry.
ANDA Awards

Negotium Technologies
I love learning new things and making a difference in the bigger picture, including moving the needle on targeted KPIs. 21st-century marketing starts and ends with digital strategy. That's why over the past seven years, I've been immersed in the world of digital marketing, specifically in A/B testing, lead generation, conversion, retargeting and visitors re-engagement strategies, SMM and SEM, email marketing, reporting and web analytics. A digital strategy is never the same work twice; every project is unique. New and challenging situations present themselves every day, and they force me to adapt my thinking and approach issues in unique ways and from a unique perspective. I'm always looking to utilize the top marketing tools and expanding my Marketing Technology knowledge base. I like to think out of the box, exploring creative avenues to maximizing resources and generating cost savings.

Making successful Marketing decisions required measurement and data analysis. As a proven data-driven growth hacker, I have strong analytical and research skills, the ability to analyze data and to transpose it into SMART objectives and successful marketing and business development strategies, deploying analytics measurement plans, collecting key performance indicators and other metrics, designing, building and maintaining analytics dashboards, framing deep-dive analyses, making recommendations, delivering rich and data-driven insights from multiple data sources, and monitoring the entire customer journey looking for opportunities to optimize scalability, solve day to day business problems and drive decision making, strategies, and tactics. I leverage consumer insights to identify trends while developing internal systems built on strong analytics, cross-functional collaboration, and constant innovation mindset.
Pratt & Whitney

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A creative mindset with solid expertise in Project Management

Pratt & Whitney
I worked as Marketing Communications Project Manager at Pratt & Whitney, a business unit of Raytheon Technologies Corporation (RTX), leading and managing a variety of projects and campaigns across multiple marketing and communications initiatives for strategic markets (Brazil, India, China, etc.), security and defense programs, and helicopter products and services, delivered correctly, efficiently, on time and budget, together with a cross-functional team. It was an amazing challenge I took to acquire new skills and become a more integrated and versatile marketer, mostly in corporate and internal communications, branding, messaging, content execution, advertising and media relations. Canada ranks third globally in terms of civil-aircraft production —a remarkable achievement given the country’s relatively small population. I wanted to be part of that dynamic and complex industry, the aerospace industry, showing my confidence and flexibility in exploring new industries.

I have developed and optimized web applications and websites, incorporating SEO best practices, GUI (Graphical User Interfaz) features and other techniques, focused on UX, to maximize online presence, lead generation, conversions and sales, build creative graphic pieces, automate and optimize processes. In 2010, I won the BellSouth Latin America President's Club Award, for developing the "T-Report Web", including a trip to Cancun-Mexico to meet with the President of BellSouth LATAM and other winners from Latin America. This web application was a call center management Web application developed in ASP, JavaScript, VBScript and database in MS SQL Server.
Presidents Club Award

Université de Sherbrooke
During my career, I have managed multifaceted end-to-end projects, delivering them on time -and within budget-, establishing multiple internal cross-departmental relationships and substantial interaction with multiple stakeholders, inter-operator relationships, and external relationships, including outside consultants, third-party vendors and providers, marketing agencies in North, Central and South America, Europe and Asia. Additionally, as part of my responsibilities as a product owner, I have played the role of a successful business analyst, identifying and evaluating business needs, determining, recommending and developing solutions for improving the overall business, playing a central role in aligning these needs with the capabilities delivered by IT and Engineering, serving as SME (subject matter expert) and go-to person.

What my coworkers think?

My work philosophy has been learning something new every day, investing in ideas that matter, developing and testing them according to the Agile Marketing principles and values. As an excellent collaborator, I thrive in a team. As the saying goes: 'two heads are better than one'. Because I believe what we learn must be shared, I don't hesitate to teach others what I know or to learn from others, giving feedback or suggesting improvements if required. My colleagues consider me a loyal and dedicated worker, and rapid problem-solver, with an enthusiastic and committed attitude and a client-focused personality. I try to design digital content and strategies that are as sustainable, responsible and ethical as possible, from every point of view.

Educated in Computer Science and Marketing

Industries are always changing. The acquisition or improvement of work-related skills is essential to me in order to stay current with the latest developments, the best business techniques and the new technologies available for my fields.

AVS in Starting a Business
Certificate in Marketing and Business
DCS in Computer Science, I.U. Nuevas Profesiones

Other courses and programs taken:

9 Ways of Leadership and Teamwork
ABCs of Mailing and Shipping Services (Canada Post Corp.)
Adobe PhotoShop (International Certification)
Agile Introduction
Agile Scrum Master training
Business Objects End-User
Digital TV and High Definition TV (HDTV)
Effective Managers (Training and Coaching) NEW
Gartner Communications Black Belt Pro NEW
Harvard Negotiation Model
IAB Canada Integrated Digital Marketing Course
IVADO/MILA Deep Learning Winter School
Leadership and Emotional Intelligence
Leading SAFe - Applying a Lean-Agile mindset with SAFe (Scaled Agile)
Leading for Creativity and Innovation
MS-2071 Query Ms. SQL Server 2000 with Transact-SQL
MS-2310B Developing Ms. ASP.Net Web Apps using Visual Studio
MS-2373B Programming with Ms. Visual Basic .Net
MS-2730A Building Ms. Content Management Server 2002 Solutions
NLP Practitioner
Popular Marketing and Social Responsibility
Power BI Desktop Masterclass - Data Analysis for Everyone
Project Planning and Control
Services Management
Six Sigma Green Belt Certification
Strategic Planning of Systems and Information Technology

My hobbies: Discover new cultures and delight new tastes


Louvre Museum
Life's not all about work, is it? In my downtime, you'll find me sharing with friends, thinking up new recipes and learning something new, or planning my next trip.

I enjoy cooking because it keeps me happy in my life, and it is a relaxing hobby with a reward at the end. I love to cook homemade meals for my relatives and friends. I am not a professional chef, but I like to think that I know my way around the kitchen.

Travel is an excellent way to see new places and explore new cultures. I enjoy the experience of trying out, getting to know different ways of life and understanding the world a little better. I am very fortunate to have travelled and to have developed a more comprehensive view of the world.