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Integrated Marketing Strategist
and Data-Driven Growth Hacker

My name is Mauro Barra, a strategic thinking and passionate marketer, with over 16 years of progressive experience in marketing across diverse industries, and a proven analytical, technical and creative acuity. My journey in marketing has been shaped by a rich tapestry of experiences, marked by versatility and innovation. I have successfully led and managed multi-channel integrated strategies and initiatives, leveraging my expertise in marketing technology, AI, automation and data analytics to drive performance and growth. Looking for your next growth marketing leader?

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Mauro Barra


workdays of experience in
Product Marketing &
Marketing Communications

defining and supporting the product development lifecycle, brand awareness and go-to-market strategies


workdays of experience in
Traditional & Digital
LeadGen Marketing

attracting and engaging with potential customers using offline channels, online platforms & e-commerce


workdays of experience in
Marketing Analytics &
Business Intelligence

leveraging data to maximize performance effectiveness and provide actionable insights for decision-making

Data as of November 2023

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My Skills

My relevant technical skills


Successful leader with more than 16 years of experience in traditional and digital marketing, across both B2B and B2C sectors, developing impactful and recognized multi-channel initiatives, including product marketing, e-commerce, SEO, SEA, SMM, lead generation, remarketing, and MarCom strategies.

Tools: Google Ads, AdClarity, Yext, Google My Business, Facebook Ads Manager and Meta Business Suite, YouTube Studio, Vimeo, Meltwater, Google Alerts, WeChat, Weibo, Flipp, Flipdoc, WordPress, Blogger, SharePoint, SiteCore, MailChimp.

BI & Analytics

A data-driven decision maker with a balanced right and left brain, and strong analytical skills, who leverages marketing technology and analytics tools. Demonstrated proficiency in SQL, CRM, ERP systems, data warehouses, data lakes, data visualization, ETL/ELT processes, and marketing analytics.

Tools: Google Analytics UA & GA4, Looker, Google Keyword Planner, Trends, SEMRush, Raygun, Hotjar, SAP, Adaptive Planning, Ms. Dynamics, Power BI, Azure Blob, SQL, Qualtrics, Ms. Office (Advanced), MOZ, SEOquake, Seobility, Adverity.

Creativity & Innovation

A curious & agile learner, and AI & automation enthusiast with demonstrated creative and innovative thinking, driving ideas to market through experimentation, measurement, and learning. Skilled in graphic design, video editing, and GenAI tools.

Graphic Design
Video Editing
Prompt Engineering
AI Assisted Workflow Automation
Images, Videos, Audio & Text Generative AI (GenAI)
Adobe PhotoShop
AI Chatbots: OpenAI ChatGPT, Google Gemini, Ms. Copilot, Claude, Perplexity, Meta AI
AI Video Generators, e.g. HeyGen, InVideo, Opus Clip, CapCut, Munch
AI Image Generators, e.g. OpenAI DALL-E, AragonAI, Remove.bg
AI Voice Generators, e.g. ElevenLabs
AI Music Generators, e.g. SunoAI, Moises
AI Assistants, e.g. Merlin AI
AI Assisted Workflow Automation Tools, e.g. Make, IFTTT

Technology & Project Management

Background in Computer Science and 15 years of telecom industry experience, combining tech-savviness and a continuous learning approach, with skills in web development and a solid track record in managing complex projects.

Web Development: HTML, CSS and JS
Six Sigma
Agile and SAFe methodologies
Agile Marketing
Google Search Console
Google Tag Manager
Google PageSpeed Insights
Ms. Project
Ms. Team Foundation Server
Ms. SharePoint Project Site

Language proficiency

My Experience

Here's what I've done so far
Uni-Select Inc.,
Canadian Automotive Group


Marketing Performance & Strategy Manager
USI team

Lead and manage growth marketing initiatives and strategies to support business goals and growth, including demand and lead generation from online and offline channels, campaign planning, execution and monitoring (SEM, SMM, video, etc.), allocation decisions, operational efficiencies, martech implementation, and the end-to-end marketing measurement and analytics framework, using new reports, dashboards, and data visualization stories, getting a better sense of who’s in the market for a vehicle service and how to deliver a smooth buying experience to them, analyzing data to pull insights and inform decisions across all acquisition channels.

Participated in many strategic planning sessions for acquisitions, new products and services, network growth, etc.
Participated in the B2C e-commerce project, defining addressable market, doing benchmarks, developing the financial model and measurement plan and supporting with the features and use cases, partners selection, etc.
Implemented a competitive marketing analysis framework to identify different marketing strategies of our main competitors and use this information to spot industry trends, set benchmarks, and identify strengths and weaknesses.
Implemented a marketing analytics ETL solution to centralize marketing data from different sources and send it to Power BI, tracking the sales funnel to better make decisions based on the marketing performance results.
Implemented marketing technologies and tools: Meltwater, SEMRush, Adverity, Azure Blob, Call tracking, GA4, Yext, and others. Performed a complete audit for Google Analytics.
Participated in the Industry Outlook Study with The Automotive Industries Association of Canada as SME.
Being part of the Financial Planning and Analysis FP&A team.
Budgeting and financial analysis (margins, rewards, etc.)
Permanent and external staff in charge.
Under Construction

Marketing Performance Analyst
Oversaw the data analysis and evaluation of marketing initiatives, sales performance of Bumper to Bumper network. and various product categories, as well as strategic reporting. Responsible for providing recommendations to management and suggesting continuous improvement for the various marketing initiatives. Promoted, after 3 months in the position, given the work performance and responsibilities assumed.
Under Construction

Pratt and Whitney
Pratt & Whitney,
a Raytheon Technologies company
Aviation & Aerospace


Marketing Communications Project Manager,
Helicopters & Emerging Markets
Comms team

Lead and manage a variety of programs and projects across multiple marketing and communications initiatives for emerging markets (Brazil, India, China, etc.), security & defense, and helicopter products and services, to improve brand image, increase awareness and generate more qualified leads, delivered correctly, efficiently, on time and budget, together with a cross-functional team.

Successful Product Awareness & Lead Generation Strategies.
Led the Most Important Tradeshows / Events for Helicopters, Security & Defense, and Emerging Markets, as Marcom responsible.
Multi-Channel Marketing Initiatives and Data-Driven Content, including successful Editorials, Articles, Email & Social Media Campaigns, Print, Visual and Sales Tools, Positioning and Messaging, etc.
Landing Page Developments on Sitecore.
Analytics & Dataviz, using Internal Systems / Databases, Power BI & Google Data Studio Dashboards.
Budget Management for Advertising, Content, Visuals and Sales Tools, Web, Tradeshow, Social Media, PR, etc.
Internal and external staff in charge, and cross-functional leadership.
Under Construction

Marketing and Business Development Lead,
Digital Solutions
Digital Sales team

Identified new growth opportunities and managed the P&WC Digital Solutions’ marketing strategy, aligning all resources with the overall business strategy, as part of the digital transformation team of Pratt and Whitney Canada. In the digital world, I designed and implemented integrated digital marketing initiatives to increase the online visibility of the P&WC aftermarket services, increase the qualified traffic to our customer portal and achieve sales goals.

Under Construction

eCommerce Analytics & Customer Experience Lead,
MyP&WC Power Portal
MPP team

Responsible for delivering rich and data-driven insights into the adoption, usage, conversion patterns and user behaviour of P&WC e-commerce and CRM portal and other digital services, and design product enhancements and digital marketing strategies to achieve our goals and ensure customer satisfaction.

Google Analytics & GTM Implementation
Site Performance Improvements
Data Visualization Dashboards for Web Analytics
Navigation Flow Enhancements
Marketing Banners Implementation
Other Projects: Carousel, Search Typeahead, Auto-Renewal.
Under Construction

Inmind Technologies
Inmind Technologies,
formerly Negotium Technologies
Information Technology


Digital Marketing Consultant
Christine Durand

Managed and delivered digital marketing projects, to support business development goals and to meet the strategic and tactical objectives, overcoming all the inevitable hurdles along the way.

Designed and implemented Search Engines Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM).
Designed and implemented keywords and content optimisation strategies.
Developed and analysed Web analytics KPIs.
Changed the source code of the website on WordPress.
Developed graphic pieces.
Participated in weekly follow-up meetings with the CEO, IT and Marketing managers.
Under Construction

Université de Sherbrooke
Université de Sherbrooke
Health & Research


Web Consultant


Research Chair

I was responsible for strategizing, implementing, and managing web strategies to ensure that the online presence of the Canada Research Chair in Evaluation and Health Care System Improvement was effective, engaging, and aligned with their business goals. I created visual and interactive elements for websites, ensuring they were not only appealing but also user-friendly, thus effectively facilitating communication between visitors and researchers.

Web Strategy Design and Implementation: Developed and executed a comprehensive web strategy that significantly improved the visibility of the Canada Research Chair, ensuring the website effectively served as a central hub for information exchange between researchers and the public.
Content Auditing: Conducted thorough audits of existing web content to assess its relevance, quality, SEO effectiveness, and alignment with business objectives.
Content Strategy Formulation: Developed a comprehensive content strategy that addressed content creation, publication, management, and retirement across the research chair’s digital platforms, ensuring it supported user needs and business goals.
CMS Selection and Implementation: Advised on selecting the most suitable Content Management System for the research chair’s needs, considering scalability, user-friendliness, and integration capabilities.
Visual Design: Developed the overall look and feel of the website, including layout, color schemes, typography, and imagery, ensuring they aligned with the brand's identity and appealed to the target audience.
User Interface (UI) Design: Created intuitive and attractive user interfaces that enhanced user experience (UX) and facilitated easy navigation. Used HTML, CSS, and sometimes JavaScript to turn design concepts into functional website pages.
Responsive Design: Ensured that the website were responsive and optimized for a variety of devices and screen sizes, providing a seamless experience across desktops, tablets, and smartphones.
SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Ensured that the content strategy was fully integrated with SEO best practices to improve visibility and rankings in search results and driving organic traffic, including keyword research, meta-data optimization, and content structure, to improve organic search visibility.
Client Consultation: Regularly met with the associate professor and the project coordinator to understand their marketing needs, presented strategies, and discussed performance results.
Education and Training: Educated my client on best practices in web marketing, CMS usage, and how to leverage digital trends for their benefit. Provided training to content creators and editors on using the CMS effectively.
In my role as a Web Consultant for the Canada Research Chair in Evaluation and Health Care System Improvement, I spearheaded initiatives that significantly enhanced web presence, usability, and stakeholder engagement. Here are some of my contributions to the project:

Successfully transitioned the Chair's online presence to a content management system, maintaining the original domain while significantly improving site manageability and scalability.
Custom Template Design: Designed a custom Blogger template that met functional specifications, providing a tailored user experience that aligned with the Chair's communication goals.
Content Management Efficiency: Streamlined content updates and management through the new platform, enabling quicker and more efficient dissemination of research findings and updates to the research community and the public.
Enhanced Site Visibility: Implemented SEO best practices and content strategies that significantly increased the site's visibility, attracting a broader audience to the platform and facilitating the exchange of information between visitors and researchers.

Telefonica Movistar,
formerly Telcel Bellsouth


Product Specialist,
Satellite Television


Movistar TV team

I was responsable for the entire product lifecycle, from initial concept to market launch and beyond, including defining both functional and non-functional requirements, conducting in-depth market analysis to understand the competitive landscape and consumer behavior, and developing targeted marketing plans to ensure the product's significant market presence. By coordinating with regional teams for bulk purchasing, standardizing processes across engineering teams, and adapting the product to meet regional needs, I achieved streamlined operations, cost savings, and harmonized product offerings that leveraged regional strengths.

Vision and Roadmap: Established the strategic vision for the Satellite Television product, including managing the full product lifecycle from conception through development to market launch and beyond. Aligned product development across regions for streamlined operations and cost savings.
Marketing Plans: Developed and implemented detailed marketing and commercialization strategies aimed at maximizing the product's market presence, considering aspects like target market segmentation, user experience (UX), packaging, and post-purchase support.
Device Lifecycle Management: Oversaw the entire lifecycle of devices like PVR, SD and HD terminals, remote control, and accessories, ensuring they met market needs and technical standards. Coordinated with regional teams to leverage bulk purchasing and reduce CAPEX.
Technical Oversight: Ensured the technical development and operational management of the Satellite Television product focused on quality, reliability, and innovation. Collaborated with engineering teams, locally and across Latin America, to standardize processes and share best practices.
Market Adaptation: Adapted the product to meet diverse regional requirements across Latin America, staying responsive to local market conditions, regulatory standards, and consumer preferences. Ensured a harmonized product offering that maximized regional strengths.
Financial and Commercial Feasibility: Managed the product's financial aspects, including pricing strategies and budgeting, to ensure profitability and commercial success. Implemented region-wide pricing strategies to enhance margins.
Trend Analysis and Innovation Management: Kept abreast of industry trends, technological advancements, and regulatory changes that could impact satellite television offerings. Identified opportunities for product innovation, incorporating new technologies and features that enhanced the customer viewing experience and operational efficiency.
Regulatory Compliance: Monitored compliance with local and international regulations affecting satellite television broadcasting and equipment standards.
Process Optimization: Streamlined operational processes related to product launch, distribution, and post-sales support to enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction.
Revenue Growth Strategies: Identify and implement strategies aimed at growing satellite TV service revenues, including upselling, cross-selling, and promotional offers.
My leadership extended to fostering global and local collaboration within Telefónica Latin America, aligning marketing strategies with broader business objectives to ensure a cohesive product strategy, optimize operational costs and enhance marketing efficacy. My role in managing partner relationships was crucial in securing advantageous contracts with content providers and technology vendors, enriching the satellite TV offering.

Global Cross-Functional Leadership: Worked closely with product leaders across Telefónica Latin America to ensure that marketing strategies aligned with overall business objectives, thereby reducing operational costs and streamlining marketing efforts.
Local Cross-Departmental Leadership: Fostered collaboration across product development, engineering, marketing, sales, and customer support teams to ensure cohesive product strategy implementation.
Partner Management: Managed relationships with external partners, including content providers and technology vendors, to enhance the product offering and secure a competitive advantage. Negotiated cost-effective contracts that maximized profitability and enhanced product value.
Feedback Integration: Acted as the primary liaison between customers, development teams, and internal stakeholders, integrating feedback into product development to continually refine and improve offerings. Fostered a culture of open communication and continuous improvement across departments.
I contributed to the strategic direction, operational efficiency, and financial health of the product line, ensuring its success in a highly competitive market.

Market Analysis: Conducted comprehensive market research to understand the competitive landscape, consumer behavior, and emerging trends in satellite television.
Market Demand Forecasting: Forecast market demand for satellite TV services, analyzing trends and potential market shifts to inform product strategy and inventory management.
ROI Analysis: Conduct return on investment (ROI) analyses for marketing initiatives and product launches to evaluate financial success and inform future investment decisions.
Revenue and Profitability Analysis: Analyze revenue streams and profitability margins for different satellite television packages and services, identifying trends, and recommending pricing or promotional strategies to enhance financial performance.
Cost Reduction Strategies: Identify and implement cost-saving measures without compromising product quality or customer satisfaction, such as negotiating better rates with suppliers or optimizing operational efficiencies.
Budget Management and Allocation: Oversee the marketing budget, ensuring optimal allocation across various initiatives to achieve the best possible ROI while staying within financial constraints.
Competitive Benchmarking: Conduct ongoing benchmarking studies to compare satellite TV features, pricing, and service levels against key competitors, identifying areas for differentiation and improvement.
Market Share Analysis: Monitor and report on the company's market share in the satellite television sector, comparing it against competitors to identify growth opportunities and strategic threats.
In my tenure as a Product Specialist for Satellite Television, I spearheaded initiatives that significantly enhanced product offerings, operational efficiency, and customer satisfaction within the dynamic landscape of satellite TV, with demonstrated exceptional negotiation and partnership skills by forging strategic alliances with leading manufacturers and solution providers.

Oversaw the entire lifecycle of Satellite TV offerings and enhanced the user experience (UX) by integrating feedback-driven functional and non-functional requirements, including enhancements like a unified electronic program guide (EPG), multi-audio languages, subtitles, a universal remote control compatible with Movistar TV globally, etc., leading to a 54% improvement in customer satisfaction ratings.
Managed a CAPEX budget of $1M and a purchasing budget of $24M, efficiently allocating resources to maximize product development and market penetration.
Actively participated in a nationwide anti-piracy project with DTH TV operators, significantly reducing piracy-related losses by 55%.
Spearheaded the creation of a user-friendly TV self-installation kit, simplifying the setup process for subscribers, reducing installation time, enhanced customer satisfaction by allowing immediate service access, and decreased the need for costly technician visits by 31%, contributing to both improved operational efficiency and customer autonomy.
Negotiated a groundbreaking partnership with a renowned TV manufacturer to develop televisions with integrated decoders, resulting in a product that offered a seamless viewing experience, eliminating the need for external set-top boxes, driving a 20% increase in sales for bundled TV and satellite service packages, and positioned our brand as a leader in technological integration within the home entertainment sector.
Successfully launched HD satellite TV service, encompassing state-of-the-art equipment and set-top boxes, enriched programming, advanced features, and comprehensive packages, tailored to diverse consumer preferences, leading to a 21% increase in subscription rates for HD packages within six months of launch.
Spearheaded the integration of MovieCity Play, introducing a sought-after video-on-demand service that expanded the content portfolio and increased viewer engagement by 40%.

These achievements underscore my ability to lead with vision, execute with precision, and deliver results that drive growth and innovation in the satellite television sector, while aligning with Telefónica Latin America's overarching business goals. Aditionally, Each of these strategic partnerships and product innovations underscored my commitment to simplifying the customer experience, leveraging technology to meet consumer needs, and reinforcing our market position through distinctive, value-added services.

Marketing Specialist,
Business Telephony Solutions


Telefonia Publica team

As a Marketing Specialist for Business Telephony Solutions, I excelled in crafting and executing strategies that significantly bolstered product awareness, customer acquisition, and loyalty across both B2B and B2C segments. My comprehensive approach encompassed market analysis, strategic positioning, and the deployment of targeted marketing campaigns through digital and traditional channels. I successfully identified and segmented target markets to deliver customized messages, significantly enhancing customer engagement and retention while reducing churn.

Marketing Strategy: Developed comprehensive marketing strategies that aligned with overall business goals, focusing on increasing awareness, attracting new entrepreneurs and consumers, and increasing our network and product consumption, utilizing a mix of digital and traditional marketing channels tailored for both B2B and B2C segments.
Market Segmentation: Identified target market segments and tailored marketing messages and campaigns to meet the specific needs and preferences of each segment.
Sales Tools and Materials: Develop sales tools, presentations, and collateral that help the sales team effectively communicate the value proposition and sell the product.
Promotions and Offers: Plan and execute promotional offers and campaigns to stimulate demand and accelerate sales cycles.
Co-Marketing Initiatives: Collaborates with partners and third-party vendors to create co-marketing campaigns that leverage mutual strengths, expanding reach and driving synergistic value.
Channel Marketing Support: Provides marketing support to channel and distribution partners, ensuring they have the tools and resources to effectively market and sell the telecom products.
Customer Loyalty: Designed loyalty programs and retention strategies to maintain and enhance entrepreneurs’ and consumers' engagement, reducing churn, enhancing customer lifetime value, and ensuring long-term loyalty to the brand and our solutions.
I played a pivotal role as the bridge between market demands and the engineering, partners, and technical teams, focusing on the internal aspects of product refinement and innovation. I established the strategic direction for Business Telephony Solutions, incorporating deep market insights and customer feedback to ensure our offerings met high standards of quality and functionality. My efforts guaranteed our products remained competitive through constant evolution, aligning with both market trends and regulatory requirements.

Product Strategy and Vision: Set the overall vision and strategy for the Business Telephony Solutions, ensuring it aligned with the company's strategic objectives and market needs.
Market Insight: Leveraged deep market insight to identify and capitalize on B2B and B2C opportunities, understanding customer pain points and preferences to guide strategy development.
Technical and Operational Oversight: Oversaw the technical development and operational aspects of the Business Telephony Solutions, ensuring the product met the highest standards of quality and functionality.
Go-to-Market Execution: Executed go-to-market plans that included product launches, promotions, and campaigns, ensuring alignment with the overall business strategy to meet target KPIs.
Product Evolution: Ensured the product evolved in response to customer needs, market trends, performance data, and competitive pressures, maintaining its relevance and competitiveness in the market.
Market Adaptation and Compliance: Ensured the Business Telephony Solutions were adapted to meet the regulatory requirements and market conditions of different regions. Stayed abreast of industry trends and regulatory changes that could impact the product, proactively making adjustments to maintain compliance and market competitiveness.
My commitment to cross-functional collaboration facilitated seamless interactions with sales, customer service, and technical teams, enhancing sales enablement and addressing barriers to productivity. I championed customer-centric product development, acting as a key advocate for customer needs within the development process. This collaborative spirit extended to managing stakeholder relationships and guiding product features that catered to evolving customer expectations.

Sales Enablement and Support: Worked closely with the sales and customer service teams to identify and remove barriers to sales productivity, and to ensure they had the necessary tools, training, materials, and product’s value proposition to effectively sell the Business Telephony Solutions.
Stakeholder Management: Collaborated with stakeholders to define and prioritize product features and enhancements that attracted and retained B2C and B2B customers. Coordinated with the engineering, partners, and technical teams to guide product development, addressing any technical challenges that arose.
Customer Advocacy: Acted as the primary liaison between customers and the development team, gathering and integrating customer feedback into the product development process.
In monitoring performance and optimizing operations, I rigorously analyzed sales and marketing effectiveness, implementing strategies to improve sales point productivity and campaign ROI. My leadership ensured the financial sustainability of the Business Telephony Solutions through careful budget management and spending oversight, reinforcing the brand's position in a competitive market and contributing to its long-term success.

Sales Point Performance: Analyzed sales point productivity and developed strategies to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of sales operations.
Marketing Performance: Monitored and evaluated the performance of marketing campaigns and strategies, adjusting tactics as needed to achieve the desired outcome and optimize for maximum ROI.
Financial Sustainability: Oversaw budget allocation and spending for marketing activities, ensuring the financial sustainability of the Business Telephony Solutions.
In a dynamic and competitive telecommunications landscape, my tenure as a leader in marketing and product management has been marked by groundbreaking achievements and strategic milestones that have significantly propelled the growth and sustainability of the Business Telephony Solutions sector. Here’s a snapshot of my key accomplishments that underscore my strategic foresight, operational excellence, and unwavering commitment to delivering value:

Drove the Business Telephony Solutions Line of Business to achieve an impressive $102M in annual revenue, ensuring its financial sustainability and supporting strategic reinvestment in technology and market expansion.
Spearheaded the design and implementation of integrated B2B and B2C marketing strategies, resulting in a 23% year-over-year increase in new entrepreneurs and a 15% uplift in overall tariff telephones and telephone booths consumption, directly contributing to the expansion of Business Telephony Solutions.
Forged and strengthened relationships with the sales team, third-party vendors, and partners, enhancing channel productivity and contributing to the seamless introduction of 2X new sales points.
Spearheaded the development of targeted e-newsletters and social media campaigns, elevating the email open rate by 39% and consumer engagement by 19%, driving a significant uptick in brand loyalty and consumer retention.
Launched B2B loyalty and retention programs, and implemented customer segmentation that reduced the churn rate by 28%.
Led projects ensuring full compliance with industry audits and regulatory standards, safeguarding the company's market position and mitigating potential legal risks.
Played a key role in the seamless migration from CDMA to GSM technology, enhancing network reliability and ensuring a smooth transition without service interruption.
Orchestrated the nationwide launch of GSM public telephones, achieving 100% installation target compliance across regions, which was instrumental in the renewal of the service license.
Awarded two prestigious ANDA Awards for excellence in advertising and marketing, recognizing the innovative strategies and impactful campaigns developed under my leadership.

My holistic approach to driving both product innovation and market penetration has not only resulted in substantial financial gains but also in establishing a solid foundation for future expansion and technological advancements.

Product Specialist,
Business Voice & Data Solutions


Productos Corporativos team

I spearheaded comprehensive voice and data products development for SMEs and large enterprises, as well as major updates to existing products and management of different marketing initiatives, underpinning Telefónica's strategic direction through diligent market and competitive analysis, robust strategic and roadmap planning, and meticulous lifecycle management. I demonstrated adeptness in enhancing product competitiveness and embracing emerging technologies, ensuring our offerings remained at the forefront of industry trends.

Competitive Analysis: Analyzed competitors to ensure the product's competitive edge in terms of features, pricing, and performance.
Strategic Planning: Developed a clear product vision and strategy that aligned with Telefónica's overall business goals and market opportunities.
Roadmap Planning: Created and maintained a product development roadmap, outlining key milestones, timelines, and resources needed. Defined and prioritized product requirements based on customer feedback, market trends, and business objectives.
Technical and Financial Sustainability: Ensured the products not only meets current market demands but is also technically and financially viable over the long term, considering factors like scalability, compliance, and integration with existing infrastructure.
Go-to-Market Strategy: Develop and implement a comprehensive go-to-market plan, including pricing strategies, promotional campaigns, and sales enablement tools, to successfully launch and grow the products in the market.
Lifecycle Management: Oversaw the entire product lifecycle, from concept through development, launch, maturity, and eventual phase-out, making data-driven decisions to optimize performance and profitability.
Feature Enhancement: Planned and prioritized new features and enhancements to keep the product competitive and meet the evolving needs of customers.
Emerging Technologies: Stayed abreast of emerging technologies and industry trends to guide the future direction of the product and explore innovative solutions.
My expertise extended to adapting global products for local markets, particularly focusing on Venezuela. This involved tailoring products to meet local consumer preferences, regulatory requirements, and integrating seamlessly with the existing telecommunications ecosystem, while striving for market standardization where possible to streamline operations.

Product Customization: Gathered and analyzed market intelligence specific to Venezuela to understand local consumer behaviors, preferences, and trends. Adapted and customized products to meet the unique needs and regulatory requirements of Venezuela, ensuring relevance and compliance.
Language and Cultural Sensitivity: Ensured all global product offerings and communications were appropriately localized in terms of language, cultural references, and usability to enhance customer engagement and acceptance.
Compliance with Local Regulations: Navigated the complex regulatory landscape in Venezuela, ensuring product compliance with local telecommunications laws and standards.
Standardization Across Markets: Worked towards product standardization where feasible, while accommodating necessary local adaptations, to streamline operations and maintain a coherent brand image.
Ecosystem Integration: Ensured seamless integration of products within the existing telecommunications ecosystem in each market, considering local network infrastructure, partner platforms, and third-party services.
I played a pivotal role in fostering collaboration and engagement across functions and geographies, leading cross-functional teams, managing stakeholder expectations, and nurturing strategic local partnerships to bolster market penetration. My ability to collaborate effectively across time zones and cultures, especially between the USA, Europe, and Latin America, highlighted my capacity to align global strategies with local execution, thereby driving Telef√≥nica’s growth and innovation in competitive markets. My efforts in sales and marketing support, coupled with a strong focus on customer advocacy, ensured that our products resonated well with user needs and expectations.

Cross-functional Leadership: Collaborated with engineering, design, marketing, sales, and support teams to ensure product objectives were met.
Stakeholder Management: Maintained clear communication with all internal stakeholders, including providing updates on product progress and gathering feedback to inform future development.
Building Local Partnerships: Identified and developed strategic partnerships with local entities, including tech companies, service providers, and regulatory authorities, to enhance product offerings and market penetration, and ensure the successful deployment and acceptance of products.
Sales and Marketing Support: Worked closely with marketing and sales teams to develop effective go-to-market strategies, promotional materials, and sales enablement tools.
Customer Advocacy: Acted as the voice of the customer within the company, ensuring that product development aligned with user needs and expectations.
International Team Coordination: Collaborated with teams across different time zones and cultures (EUU, Europe and Latin America), facilitating effective communication and project coordination to ensure alignment with the global product strategy. Fostered a culture of knowledge sharing and best practices between the head office and local operators to leverage insights and drive innovation across markets.
I was instrumental in driving performance monitoring and optimization, utilizing key performance indicators to gauge market success, managing financial performance to meet business objectives, and instigating continuous product improvement based on data-driven insights.

Market Analysis: Conducted market research to understand customer requirements and identified gaps in the current product offerings.
Market Performance Analysis: Monitored and analyzed product performance in the market using KPIs such as sales volume, market share, customer satisfaction, and churn rate.
Financial Oversight:Managed the product's financial performance, including revenue, cost, and profitability analysis, to ensure it met business objectives.
Continuous Improvement: Leveraged feedback and performance data to continuously refine and improve the product, addressing technical challenges and evolving customer needs.
The following achievements and milestones illustrates my capacity to lead product development initiatives, manage complex vendor relationships, and contribute strategically at a global level, all while driving significant business growth and technological innovation, leveraging my strategic vision, technical expertise, and leadership in product management.

Led the strategic initiative for 'Movistar Fleet Management', a comprehensive vehicle fleet management system, driving a 30% improvement in operational efficiency for client businesses and contributing significantly to a 21% year-over-year revenue growth for the product line.
Developed 'MovilTalk', a pioneering push-to-talk platform based on GSM packet-switched networks, positioning the company as a market leader in innovative communication solutions for businesses and attracting 16 new major enterprise clients within six months.
Launched 'Movistar Corporativo VPN', a bespoke voice virtual private network service for SMEs and large enterprises, resulting in a 52% increase in customer satisfaction scores due to enhanced security and connectivity.
Conducted comprehensive business cases, financial and technical feasibility studies for new products, ensuring a 95% accuracy rate in forecasting and a 19% reduction in time-to-market for product launches.
Managed 3rd-party vendor relationships and OEM selection, negotiating favorable terms that decreased costs by 10% while maintaining high-quality standards.
Played a pivotal role in the development and implementation of the department Intranet using MS SharePoint, improving internal communication and employee engagement.
Supervised and mentored 1 intern, leading to their full-time employment within the team, demonstrating commitment to team growth and professional development.
Actively contributed to Telefónica's global marketing strategies for SMEs and large enterprises, influencing the adoption of customer-centric product development processes that increased global market penetration by 10%.
Responded swiftly to market demands by developing major updates to existing products, which led to a 15% uplift in customer retention and a 20% increase in upsell opportunities among existing clients.

It was a crucial role in bridging the gap between customer needs, technological capabilities, and business goals, navigating between technical teams and non-technical stakeholders, and involving a mix of technical expertise, strategic planning, and customer-centric focus to ensure the successful development, launch, and lifecycle management of voice and data solutions for SMEs and large enterprises.


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A visually captivating infographic resume that encapsulates my 16+ years of marketing expertise and my technical skills.

My name is Mauro Barra, and I am excited to share with you a glimpse into my professional life and personal passions, shaped by a rich tapestry of experiences. My journey in the world of marketing has been influenced by a diverse background. I was born in Venezuela to Italian parents who sought a brighter future across the ocean. From an early age, I learned the value of resilience and the pursuit of excellence, qualities that have guided me throughout my professional life. These early lessons have stayed with me, shaping my approach to leadership and my worldview.

Macintosh 512K
I have always been passionate about lifelong learning. I have witnessed and adapted to the rapid advancements in technology, embracing changes from the first mass-market personal computer to the recent revolution of IoT, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and big data. My educational background in Computer Science and Marketing has instilled in me a passion for continuous learning and innovation.

Since 2012, Quebec, Canada, has been my proud home, where I have continued to grow personally and professionally. This multicultural experience and dynamic environment have instilled in me a diverse cultural perspective and a deep appreciation for embracing new challenges, which I bring to my work every day. My ability to communicate in English, French, Spanish, and Italian has allowed me to work and engage with global audiences and navigate multicultural environments.

Discover some of the beauties of my origins:

The Canaima National Park, one of the most beautiful places I have been, with the Angel Falls, the world's tallest uninterrupted waterfall

Caracas, my beloved hometown, with the √Āvila National Park, known as the "lungs of Caracas"

Padula, my parents' hometown, with the Certosa di San Lorenzo, the largest monastery in Italy

+15 years of progressive experience in marketing across diverse industries

Versatility is another of my most important qualities. Cross-industry experience and cross-disciplinary collaboration crucial roles in driving innovation and creativity, helping teams avoid the pitfalls of groupthink and confirmation bias. By incorporating individuals with diverse perspectives, teams gain a more comprehensive understanding of complex issues and develop more effective solutions.

Over the past 16 years, I have gained holistic experience in marketing, building and orchestrating multi-channel integrated strategies and campaigns with a passion for performance, growth, and marketing technology. My career has been a path of distinct learning experiences spanning various disciplines, shaping me into the well-rounded marketing strategist and data-driven growth hacker I am today. I thrive in dynamic environments and have a proven track record of tackling new challenges with creativity and strategic thinking.

My professional marketing journey began in 2007 at Telefonica, a multinational telecommunications company operating in Europe and the Americas. It is considered one of the largest telephone operators and mobile network providers in the world, providing me with a robust foundation in marketing and a deep understanding of technology and digital innovation. During my five years there, I developed and executed highly effective multi-channel marketing initiatives as a revenue/profit driver, supporting product launches, customer acquisition, and ongoing promotions. I collaborated with cross-functional teams, managed multifaceted projects, budgets and resources effectively, demonstrating my ability to align marketing efforts with business goals and optimize resources for maximum impact with my financial acumen. My tenure at Telefonica allowed me to accumulate 15 years of experience in the telecommunication industry, including five years in Marketing and ten years in operational areas.

In 2010, I had the honor of receiving two prestigious ANDA Awards for a positioning campaign while serving as a Marketing Specialist at Telefonica. The ANDA Awards are recognized as the pinnacle of achievement in marketing by the National Association of Advertisers of Venezuela. This accomplishment stands as a testament to my dedication and expertise in crafting effective marketing strategies that deliver results.
ANDA Awards

Negotium Technologies
21st-century marketing begins and ends with digital strategy. Over the last decade, I have been immersed in the world of digital marketing. In 2012, I began my career as a Digital Marketing Consultant, working with various companies based in Quebec to successfully manage and delivere diverse digital marketing projects, demonstrating my versatility and ability to handle multifaceted tasks within the digital landscape. My capacity to conceptualize and execute strategies that contribute to overall organizational goals has been a key asset.

A digital strategy is never the same work twice; every project is unique. New and challenging situations present themselves every day, forcing me to adapt my thinking and approach issues from a unique perspective. I'm always seeking to utilize the top marketing tools and expand my marketing technology knowledge base. I like to think outside the box, exploring creative avenues to maximize resources and generate cost savings.

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An analytic, creative and agile mindset with solid expertise in Project Management

Creativity is at the core of my approach, as I am constantly seeking innovative ways to drive ideas into the market with an agile mindset, focused on experimentation, measurement, and learning. This creativity extends to project management, where I have successfully managed multifaceted end-to-end projects, ensuring timely delivery within budget constraints. My Agile Scrum and Six Sigma certifications reflect commitment to adopting best practices and methodologies to ensure the successful execution of projects.

Université de Sherbrooke
Navigating unfamiliar territories and leading teams through change has been a key driver of my success. I have been adept at navigating complex environments and have demonstrated strong cross-functional leadership skills in aligning diverse teams towards a common goal. My ability to align business needs with technology capabilities has made me a go-to person in various projects, where I have recommended and developed solutions for improving overall business operations, serving as a subject matter expert in collaboration with IT and Engineering.

My journey has been a convergence of diverse disciplines, each contributing to my ability to craft innovative and impactful marketing solutions. My studies in Computer Science have provided me with a robust technical background that allows me to navigate the digital landscape with ease. Coupled with my expertise in telecommunications, this has given me a holistic understanding of how technology intersects with marketing strategies in today's interconnected world. Furthermore, my experience as a web developer has allowed me to implement digital marketing strategies with a keen eye for user experience and functionality. My passion for graphic design adds another layer to my skill set, enabling me to create visually compelling content that resonates with audiences on a deeper level.

In 2004, I was privileged to receive the BellSouth Latin America President's Club Award for my role in developing the "T-Report Web," a call center management web application developed in ASP, JavaScript, VBScript, and MS SQL Server. It was a great oportunity to meet the President of BellSouth LATAM and other esteemed winners from Latin America, during my trip to Cancun, Mexico, to receive this award.
Presidents Club Award

This achievement represents the culmination of hours of hard work, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. They have not only strengthened my resolve to continue innovating but also serve as a reminder of the impact that effective strategies and technical prowess can have on the success of a project.

Canada ranks third globally in terms of civil aircraft production —a remarkable achievement given the country’s relatively small population. I wanted to be part of that dynamic and complex industry, the aerospace industry, showing my confidence and flexibility in exploring new industries.

Pratt & Whitney
I worked as Marketing Communications Project Manager at Pratt & Whitney, a business unit of Raytheon Technologies Corporation (RTX), leading and managing a variety of projects and campaigns across multiple marketing and communications initiatives for strategic markets (Brazil, India, China, etc.), security and defense programs, and helicopter products and services, delivered correctly, efficiently, on time and budget, together with a cross-functional team. It was an amazing challenge I took to acquire new skills and become a more integrated and versatile marketer, mostly in corporate and internal communications, branding, messaging, content execution, advertising and media relations. In total, I worked 6 years in the aerospace industry in different marketing positions.

My expertise lies in leveraging analytics to drive successful marketing strategies. I am a data-driven growth hacker with a proven track record of utilizing analytical and research skills to analyze data and translate it into SMART objectives and effective marketing strategies. I am adept at framing deep-dive analyses, making recommendations, and delivering rich, data-driven insights from multiple data sources. My focus on monitoring the entire customer journey allows me to identify opportunities to optimize marketing efforts and maximize the effectiveness of campaigns, solve business problems and make data-informed decisions to achieve business goals.

In today's digital landscape, where the competition for the digital customer is fierce, my expertise in marketing analytics has been instrumental in driving success and achieving business goals. In my role as Marketing Performance & Strategy Manager in the automotive industry, I have successfully used relevant data and marketing technology tools to reimagine the buyer's journey in the digital world. I have helped Uni-Select grow their business creatively by interpreting data to get a better sense of who’s in the market for a vehicle service and how to deliver a smooth buying experience to them, leading to improved ad performance, messaging, demand and lead generation, and ultimately, higher sales.

Throughout my career, I have embraced the philosophy of learning something new every day, investing in ideas that matter. This approach has not only enriched my own knowledge but has also allowed me to contribute meaningfully to the teams I've been a part of. As an excellent collaborator, I thrive in team environments, where I firmly believe that the collective wisdom of a group far surpasses that of any individual. I am always ready to share my knowledge with others and equally eager to learn from my colleagues. This mindset has not only fostered a sense of camaraderie but has also led to the development of innovative solutions that benefit everyone involved.

My colleagues have described me as a loyal and dedicated worker, known for my rapid problem-solving skills, enthusiastic attitude, and client-focused approach. I take pride in my ability to tackle challenges head-on, always striving to find solutions that not only meet our objectives but also uphold the values of sustainability, responsibility, and ethics. These values have shaped me into the leader I am today—one who is committed to delivering results while upholding the highest standards of integrity and teamwork.
Pratt & Whitney

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Beyond the realm of marketing


Louvre Museum
When I'm not immersed in the world of marketing, I enjoy spending time with friends, experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen, and planning my next adventure. These hobbies reflect my belief in the importance of work-life balance and the value of diverse experiences.

Cooking is not just a hobby for me; it is a source of joy, allowing me to create lasting memories and culinary delights for my loved ones. It serves as a creative outlet, enabling me to unwind and express my creativity beyond of the professional sphere. I believe that my ability to innovate and think outside the box in the kitchen mirrors my approach to marketing, where I strive to bring fresh perspectives and inventive solutions to every project, blending different ingredients to achieve a harmonious result.

Travel is another passion of mine, offering me the chance to immerse myself in different cultures and traditions, broaden my horizons, and gain a deeper understanding of the world. These experiences enrich not only my personal life but also my professional capabilities, helping me to think critically and adapt to diverse environments—skills that are invaluable in the fast-paced world of marketing and essential for effective leadership in today's interconnected world. These experiences also help me connect with people on a deeper level and foster a collaborative and inclusive work environment.

Recently, as part of my commitment to leading a healthier lifestyle, I've taken up a new set of hobbies focused on physical activity. As part of this journey, I've taken up cardiovascular activities, workouts, and aquatic exercises as additional hobbies. These activities have not only contributed to my physical well-being but have also become a source of relaxation outside of my professional endeavors. They provide a refreshing balance to my routine and allow me to unwind and recharge after a busy day.

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