My name is Mauro Barra, and I am excited to share with you a glimpse into my professional life and personal passions, shaped by a rich tapestry of experiences. My journey in the world of marketing has been influenced by a diverse background. I was born in Venezuela to Italian parents who sought a brighter future across the ocean. From an early age, I learned the value of resilience and the pursuit of excellence, qualities that have guided me throughout my professional life. These early lessons have stayed with me, shaping my approach to leadership and my worldview.

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I have always been passionate about lifelong learning. I have witnessed and adapted to the rapid advancements in technology, embracing changes from the first mass-market personal computer to the recent revolution of IoT, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and big data. My educational background in Computer Science and Marketing has instilled in me a passion for continuous learning and innovation.

Since 2012, Quebec, Canada, has been my proud home, where I have continued to grow personally and professionally. This multicultural experience and dynamic environment have instilled in me a diverse cultural perspective and a deep appreciation for embracing new challenges, which I bring to my work every day. My ability to communicate in English, French, Spanish, and Italian has allowed me to work and engage with global audiences and navigate multicultural environments.

Discover some of the beauties of my origins:

The Canaima National Park, one of the most beautiful places I have been, with the Angel Falls, the world's tallest uninterrupted waterfall

Caracas, my beloved hometown, with the Ávila National Park, known as the "lungs of Caracas"

Padula, my parents' hometown, with the Certosa di San Lorenzo, the largest monastery in Italy

+15 years of progressive experience in marketing across diverse industries

Versatility is another of my most important qualities. Cross-industry experience and cross-disciplinary collaboration crucial roles in driving innovation and creativity, helping teams avoid the pitfalls of groupthink and confirmation bias. By incorporating individuals with diverse perspectives, teams gain a more comprehensive understanding of complex issues and develop more effective solutions.

Over the past 16 years, I have gained holistic experience in marketing, building and orchestrating multi-channel integrated strategies and campaigns with a passion for performance, growth, and marketing technology. My career has been a path of distinct learning experiences spanning various disciplines, shaping me into the well-rounded marketing strategist and data-driven growth hacker I am today. I thrive in dynamic environments and have a proven track record of tackling new challenges with creativity and strategic thinking.

My professional marketing journey began in 2007 at Telefonica, a multinational telecommunications company operating in Europe and the Americas. It is considered one of the largest telephone operators and mobile network providers in the world, providing me with a robust foundation in marketing and a deep understanding of technology and digital innovation. During my five years there, I developed and executed highly effective multi-channel marketing initiatives as a revenue/profit driver, supporting product launches, customer acquisition, and ongoing promotions. I collaborated with cross-functional teams, managed multifaceted projects, budgets and resources effectively, demonstrating my ability to align marketing efforts with business goals and optimize resources for maximum impact with my financial acumen. My tenure at Telefonica allowed me to accumulate 15 years of experience in the telecommunication industry, including five years in Marketing and ten years in operational areas.

In 2010, I had the honor of receiving two prestigious ANDA Awards for a positioning campaign while serving as a Marketing Specialist at Telefonica. The ANDA Awards are recognized as the pinnacle of achievement in marketing by the National Association of Advertisers of Venezuela. This accomplishment stands as a testament to my dedication and expertise in crafting effective marketing strategies that deliver results.
ANDA Awards

Negotium Technologies
21st-century marketing begins and ends with digital strategy. Over the last decade, I have been immersed in the world of digital marketing. In 2012, I began my career as a Digital Marketing Consultant, working with various companies based in Quebec to successfully manage and delivere diverse digital marketing projects, demonstrating my versatility and ability to handle multifaceted tasks within the digital landscape. My capacity to conceptualize and execute strategies that contribute to overall organizational goals has been a key asset.

A digital strategy is never the same work twice; every project is unique. New and challenging situations present themselves every day, forcing me to adapt my thinking and approach issues from a unique perspective. I'm always seeking to utilize the top marketing tools and expand my marketing technology knowledge base. I like to think outside the box, exploring creative avenues to maximize resources and generate cost savings.

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An analytic, creative and agile mindset with solid expertise in Project Management

Creativity is at the core of my approach, as I am constantly seeking innovative ways to drive ideas into the market with an agile mindset, focused on experimentation, measurement, and learning. This creativity extends to project management, where I have successfully managed multifaceted end-to-end projects, ensuring timely delivery within budget constraints. My Agile Scrum and Six Sigma certifications reflect commitment to adopting best practices and methodologies to ensure the successful execution of projects.

Université de Sherbrooke
Navigating unfamiliar territories and leading teams through change has been a key driver of my success. I have been adept at navigating complex environments and have demonstrated strong cross-functional leadership skills in aligning diverse teams towards a common goal. My ability to align business needs with technology capabilities has made me a go-to person in various projects, where I have recommended and developed solutions for improving overall business operations, serving as a subject matter expert in collaboration with IT and Engineering.

My journey has been a convergence of diverse disciplines, each contributing to my ability to craft innovative and impactful marketing solutions. My studies in Computer Science have provided me with a robust technical background that allows me to navigate the digital landscape with ease. Coupled with my expertise in telecommunications, this has given me a holistic understanding of how technology intersects with marketing strategies in today's interconnected world. Furthermore, my experience as a web developer has allowed me to implement digital marketing strategies with a keen eye for user experience and functionality. My passion for graphic design adds another layer to my skill set, enabling me to create visually compelling content that resonates with audiences on a deeper level.

In 2004, I was privileged to receive the BellSouth Latin America President's Club Award for my role in developing the "T-Report Web," a call center management web application developed in ASP, JavaScript, VBScript, and MS SQL Server. It was a great oportunity to meet the President of BellSouth LATAM and other esteemed winners from Latin America, during my trip to Cancun, Mexico, to receive this award.
Presidents Club Award

This achievement represents the culmination of hours of hard work, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. They have not only strengthened my resolve to continue innovating but also serve as a reminder of the impact that effective strategies and technical prowess can have on the success of a project.

Canada ranks third globally in terms of civil aircraft production —a remarkable achievement given the country’s relatively small population. I wanted to be part of that dynamic and complex industry, the aerospace industry, showing my confidence and flexibility in exploring new industries.

Pratt & Whitney
I worked as Marketing Communications Project Manager at Pratt & Whitney, a business unit of Raytheon Technologies Corporation (RTX), leading and managing a variety of projects and campaigns across multiple marketing and communications initiatives for strategic markets (Brazil, India, China, etc.), security and defense programs, and helicopter products and services, delivered correctly, efficiently, on time and budget, together with a cross-functional team. It was an amazing challenge I took to acquire new skills and become a more integrated and versatile marketer, mostly in corporate and internal communications, branding, messaging, content execution, advertising and media relations. In total, I worked 6 years in the aerospace industry in different marketing positions.

My expertise lies in leveraging analytics to drive successful marketing strategies. I am a data-driven growth hacker with a proven track record of utilizing analytical and research skills to analyze data and translate it into SMART objectives and effective marketing strategies. I am adept at framing deep-dive analyses, making recommendations, and delivering rich, data-driven insights from multiple data sources. My focus on monitoring the entire customer journey allows me to identify opportunities to optimize marketing efforts and maximize the effectiveness of campaigns, solve business problems and make data-informed decisions to achieve business goals.

In today's digital landscape, where the competition for the digital customer is fierce, my expertise in marketing analytics has been instrumental in driving success and achieving business goals. In my role as Marketing Performance & Strategy Manager in the automotive industry, I have successfully used relevant data and marketing technology tools to reimagine the buyer's journey in the digital world. I have helped Uni-Select grow their business creatively by interpreting data to get a better sense of who’s in the market for a vehicle service and how to deliver a smooth buying experience to them, leading to improved ad performance, messaging, demand and lead generation, and ultimately, higher sales.

Throughout my career, I have embraced the philosophy of learning something new every day, investing in ideas that matter. This approach has not only enriched my own knowledge but has also allowed me to contribute meaningfully to the teams I've been a part of. As an excellent collaborator, I thrive in team environments, where I firmly believe that the collective wisdom of a group far surpasses that of any individual. I am always ready to share my knowledge with others and equally eager to learn from my colleagues. This mindset has not only fostered a sense of camaraderie but has also led to the development of innovative solutions that benefit everyone involved.

My colleagues have described me as a loyal and dedicated worker, known for my rapid problem-solving skills, enthusiastic attitude, and client-focused approach. I take pride in my ability to tackle challenges head-on, always striving to find solutions that not only meet our objectives but also uphold the values of sustainability, responsibility, and ethics. These values have shaped me into the leader I am today—one who is committed to delivering results while upholding the highest standards of integrity and teamwork.
Pratt & Whitney

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Beyond the realm of marketing


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When I'm not immersed in the world of marketing, I enjoy spending time with friends, experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen, and planning my next adventure. These hobbies reflect my belief in the importance of work-life balance and the value of diverse experiences.

Cooking is not just a hobby for me; it is a source of joy, allowing me to create lasting memories and culinary delights for my loved ones. It serves as a creative outlet, enabling me to unwind and express my creativity beyond of the professional sphere. I believe that my ability to innovate and think outside the box in the kitchen mirrors my approach to marketing, where I strive to bring fresh perspectives and inventive solutions to every project, blending different ingredients to achieve a harmonious result.

Travel is another passion of mine, offering me the chance to immerse myself in different cultures and traditions, broaden my horizons, and gain a deeper understanding of the world. These experiences enrich not only my personal life but also my professional capabilities, helping me to think critically and adapt to diverse environments—skills that are invaluable in the fast-paced world of marketing and essential for effective leadership in today's interconnected world. These experiences also help me connect with people on a deeper level and foster a collaborative and inclusive work environment.

Recently, as part of my commitment to leading a healthier lifestyle, I've taken up a new set of hobbies focused on physical activity. As part of this journey, I've taken up cardiovascular activities, workouts, and aquatic exercises as additional hobbies. These activities have not only contributed to my physical well-being but have also become a source of relaxation outside of my professional endeavors. They provide a refreshing balance to my routine and allow me to unwind and recharge after a busy day.